Genius Teacher Ideas: Attaching Storyworks Resources to Seesaw

By Dana Canales
April 27, 2020

Editor’s note: Dana Canales is a superstar Storyworks advisor. She has been teaching for 34 years! For the past two years, she has been using Storyworks Jr. in her 3rd grade classroom, and she has used Storyworks in her 4th grade classroom since the magazine’s very beginning.


One of my biggest challenges with remote learning has been using multiple resources while making things as simple as possible for my students. All my lesson plans and work are presented through Seesaw, an online remote learning platform. As I shared my use of Storyworks on Twitter and in meetings, it became apparent to me that teachers were frustrated with how stressful it was to incorporate all the great Storyworks online resources into Seesaw. My principal suggested I make a video showing our staff how to put the documents as well as links to the articles in Seesaw, in order to make the process more friendly for teachers, parents and students alike. Once you get the hang of it, the process is wonderful!

This video will show you how to easily add documents to your current activities on Seesaw. This is especially helpful so that students can write directly on the assignments you add. Make sure to download your Storyworks materials into your Google Drive first!

How to add documents to a Seesaw activity

I hope this helps streamline your online teaching!

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